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About Dr. Elie ATALLAH

Dr. Elie ATALLAH, Founder of  the center that is now open and ready to accept patients and guarantee to help restore people’s body function and mobility.

Dr. Elie ATALLAH graduated from University of Saint Joseph in Beirut – First class of doctors in Physical Therapy.

Ranked first in his division in 2009, Dr. Elie completed his First Aid Certificate , after that he earned his Master’s degree in Manual therapy and Osteopathy from University of Saint Joseph in Beirut

Lately, he has completed an essential Spinal Seminar utilizing “Maitland Australian approach” and he is specialized in “Dry Needles Therapy”, held by the Order of Physical Therapists in Lebanon.

He earned his Bachelor degree in Physical therapy in 2006.

He is certified by Sports Performance Institute (SPI), an international Canadian based certification with high standard qualifications as a trainer for general fitness.

Upon Graduation, Dr. Elie worked for a couple of years as a physical therapist treating spine and sports pathologies in an orthopedic clinic with Dr. Elias Yammine, an orthopedic surgeon with high reputation.

He also worked as a  physical therapist for sports injuries at “Service de Sport” of USJ in 2009, and for “Lebanese National Football Team” for The Nehru cup in India at the same time.

In addition, He worked with the “Lebanese Association of Hemophilia” treating bleeding disorders and took part of the regional Hemophilia Physiotherapy Workshop in Cairo.

Dr. Elie worked for 5 continuous years in “AL ARZ hospital” with more than 40 patients daily in and out of the hospital, with extended experience in rehabilitation.

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Dr. Elie trained in 7 different hospitals and one center which are as follows:

  • Red Cross Hospital physical medicine and rehabilitation department in France
  • Hotel Dieu De France, Lebanon
  • American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon.
  • Cortbawi Hospital, Lebanon.
  • Notre Dame Hospital, Lebanon.
  • Military Hospital, Lebanon.
  • Beit Chabab Hospital, Lebanon
  • And finally in Sesobel Center of Pediatrics, Lebanon